KIS Forum – there are about 20 to 30 builders that regularly post here.  Many other KIS people stop by but rarely post.

KIS Forum Achieves – The forum was operated by Bill Schertz until 2008 or 2009, this is a link to the old forum posts although out of order and are arranged by date not the thread they were post in. There is a lot of useful information here.

TR-4 builder Robert Reed’s website - features many builder pictures and manuals.


TR-4 owner Galin Hernandez’s website - Galin has flown his KIS to many countries and has the highest time TR-4.

Aircraft Windshield Co. This company retains the tooling for KIS TR-1, and TR-4 windows.

Vance Jaqua’s website – Vance was a major contributor to the KIS project. He freely gave his time, and engineering expertise to the KIS community. Here is the remains of his website - many pages, and pictures are missing, but there is important KIS information here.

Lyle Hendricks Manufacturing – Lyle supplied machined, and some welded parts for the KIS including landing gears. He has a really nice door latch system for the KIS, and also the RV line. I highly recommend Lyle’s door latch. The original latch supplied with the kit works but the pins are spring loaded, and when closing the door the pins do not away seat properly. We have had a number of doors open in flight some tore off of the airplane.

Electrical systems – This website is by the Guru of aviation electric Bob Nuckolls. Website has a link to his forum also on the Matronics forums where the KIS forum is located.