KIS TR-1 2-place aircraft:


Arnold KIS TR-1 N78AK – Completed in 1996 with about 1000hrs. TT. Currently apart for paint, was originally O-235 powered, Currently N78AK is without an engine but there is a Lycoming Dynafocal mount available. It is stripped/sanded for repainting. New carbon fiber cowling.  No structural work is required, just prep, paint and assembly. The panel is a bit Spartan with a Rocky Mountain Instruments all in one airspeed, true airspeed, altimeter, density altitude, rate of climb and OAT. Other instruments include: Compass, Electric turn and bank, Dual Fuel gauge.  There is a Rocky Mountain Instruments engine monitor with fuel flow, all the other engine instruments, and an intercom. Call Mark at 772-240-2266
Without engine, $12,500 - With a Lycoming IO-360-L2A with about 1240 hours since new, $22,500 - With new AM15 117hp, $22,500


Baker KIS TR-1 This airplane comes with all of the original manuals, numerous additional resource material, builder logs, and many other items. This builder was a man of meticulous prowess; everything is perfect here.

The specifications are as follows:
Engine: Continental IO-240-B9B
Navigator: Garmin 430W
Audio panel: PS Engineering, PMA-6000 M-C
NavComm #2, Apollo SL-30
Transponder, Garmin GTX-327
Engine Monitor, Vision Micro VM-1000
AutoPilot: Trio Avionics, EZ Pilot
First flight: 11/17/2003
Total hours on airframe and engine: 526.3
Empty weight: 972 lbs.
Fuel capacity: L12 gal; R12 gal
Not yet equipped with ADS-B In or Out
Last condition inspection: 5/17/2017

Contact EAA Chapter186


Bernhardt KIS TR-1 Project - was flying bent a little bit - hit hard on nose gear. The gear is bent with prop strike (wood prop) wing tip damage (replacement tip available). Ray at 936-462-3977, Texas USA asking $19,000.


George Conway – KIS TR-1 Complete kit project, about 10% finished with firewall main rear spar lay ups done. This is the way to buy a project – why spend years redoing some other project that is much farther along in the building process.  San Diego area, USA $12,000 or BO


Seno KIS TR-1 - A real nice airplane by a homebuilder that built several airplanes. O-235 powered 336TT, 271 SFOH  King KLN 94 GPS, KLX 135 GPS/COM, K76C Transponder, Navaid Devices AP-1 Auto pilot, Intercom

$29,500 (price has been reduced) Pat Robinson 765-378-0300

Sale being handled by a broker located in Anderson, Indiana

KIS TR-1 flying VH-AIG - Michael Patten O-235 powered, Australia. Asking 65,000 ASD.


Steve Morton – KIS TR-1 about 95% complete all composite work finished, O-235 powered. Built by UK dealer Brian Davies, Brian imported about 13 KIS TR-1s into the UK, he also did kit assembly for some of his customers. This kit is now in New Zealand.


KIS Cruiser TR-4 4-place aircraft FOR SALE


KIS Crusier TR-4 Kit This was started by a very experienced builder, all major composite work is complete. Quality is first class throughout. Has original steerable nose gear, Lycoming motor mount and O-360 included. Asking $25,000 Located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area Call Cody Austin 512-294-4948  

KIS Cruiser TR-4 (N150JK) 270hrs. TT - suffered an engine fire and has structural damage on the fuselage from the firewall back about 2 feet.  This damage is on the left side and bottom of the fuselage.  The right side and top look fine.  So the total damaged area is about 4 sqft.  The rest of the fuselage and with the wings and tail are fine.  The firewall also looks fine since it was protected by the stainless and fiberfax.  Most of the paint is good.  A new carbon fiber cowling is included.   A new Lycoming dynafocal engine mount is included.  The windows are all good and the interior is un-damaged.  This should be an easy fix.  The original build quality is good and sound.  Many of the systems and details are also a bit heavy but not too bad and some titanium was used. The Panel has: TKM digital NAV COM, Collins digital NAV COM, Narco mode C transponder, Audio panel with marker beacon, Full gyros, and Fuel flow. Call Mark at 772-240-2266
Without engine, $13,500 - With a Lycoming IO-360-L2A with about 1234 hours since NEW, $22,500


William Schertz – KIS Cruiser TR-4 four place all composite. 129hrs. TT Mazda Rotary Engine 13-B with Real World Solutions conversion equipment. RD-1C planetary gear reduction unit with a 2.85:1 ratio, EC-2 Ignition and fuel injection control, EM-2 OBDII scanner, GRT EFIS with GPS, Trio 2-axis autopilot, Turn Coordinator, PMA 6000 Audio Panel, Garmin SL-30, SL-40, and GTX Transponder. Stevenville, MT, USA 630-460-8423 $60,000


John Forester – KIS Cruiser TR-4 kit project about 30% completed, very nice quality work. Has Lancair adjustable rudder pedal set. Includes Lycoming engine mount. Seller is extremely motivated to move this kit along . Oshkosh area. Wisconsin, USA $negotiable Contact John on the KIS forum Google forums matronics go to homepage and select the KIS forum.